dsc01239 (1)This site started with the idea of Nonni’s at 7. A slice of the internet set apart to tell stories of my Nonni. As the story goes; Once a week my 2 cousins and I met and conversed at a very special place, our Nonni’s house. Initially, none of us thought much of the act but with time came appreciation. We grew to admire her and in return cherish each other in the process. In our 4 years of meeting, we learned infinite things of various subjects and unveiled countless discoveries about ourselves through the art of conversation with loved ones. Nonni’s house was a beacon for slowing down our lives in the cause of rightful purposes: connecting, discovering & spending quality time with loved ones.

After a while, things changed. While I loved talking about by Nonni and the memories we shared, I found writing about my family and current day events increasingly appealing. I hope you get a sense of honesty and humility from the site. I don’t think I’m special or anything like that. I just love to learn about myself through experiences and writing. So, if my aim is true, this site will prove to be a sharp representation of growth in myself, or at least an attempt in such an endevouer.

Thank you so much for visiting




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