opening credits

Excuse me while i shake off the jitters. This first entry of what i hope to be many entries is surprisingly, a call to arms for my nerves. It’s late, and a big “thank you” to my fantastic wife Linds is in order. She helped me set up the “theme” to this site and as minimal as it looks, there was nothing minimal about creating it.

The truth of the matter is, i don’t know how often i will post. To be honest though, the decision to create this site was a big enough one that the frequency of my activity is irrelevant to me. I wrote a bunch during my childhood for various reasons and while i haven’t as of late, the urge of it has never left. I’m hoping this site allows me a window to people and visa versa, but more importantly, a journal if you will. Not in a traditional sense, but maybe in the likes of a scrapbook. A collection of the times per se.

Other people have inspired me to do this blog. I’m a tech junkie, so when introduced to RSS feeds years and years ago, i was hooked on the idea. Blogs only started hitting major popularity scales within the recent years. While my RSS subscriptions slowly transitioned from news sites to people’s personal blogs, my interest was piqued. I saw a fascinating similarity to one of my other passions: Film. What makes a great film? Personal application and intimacy i say. I started to see blogs as no different. Sure some blogs have different agendas, but ultimately, all the same goal. A personal connection is met and a journey begins. So why not me? Why not now?

I’m still not entirely sure of the answers to those questions or for that matter the questions alone. Maybe in time, those answers will come to fruition. Maybe in more time, those questions won’t be accurate. I know this though, i will try my very best to write honestly and accurately about things i love and people who i deeply care about and inspire me, which are usually one in the same.

Like a film, this would be considered the score over the opening credits. The mood sweeping through that dark screen. Your not sure entirely what to expect, but you have hints, a considerable small gist of the story which is to come. You sit in anticipation, and ultimately, wait patiently for the first frame of the film to shower over you.

In a statement of complete transparency, i’m in that crowd with you. In the dark theater grasping at what this film might bring. Because, while the themes and emotions of the music are there, the story is still very much unknown.

How’s that for personal application :)



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