Talking in the Rain

Talking in the rain makes no sense. No sense at all. Logically, if you or I were in the middle of conversing with someone and it began raining, we would simply seek shelter. Its like life, we want things our way, as comfy as we can achieve. But I earnestly and honestly ask you, what advances in your life have come from being comfortable? I can speak for myself. None. If you look closer you’ll see, the state of contentment is a violently dangerous thing. I’m afraid all too often, being comfortable hinders us from living life and living a fulfilled one at that.

The idea of this post was created by my best friend Jeremy. We were having one of our “solving the world’s problems” conversations when, yep you guessed it, it starting raining. But the conversation was so accurate, so true, so completely hitting the target of what we were trying to work out that a little rain couldn’t and for that matter wouldn’t hinder something so much more important. Connecting.

We live in world that caters to us. Were spoiled to the core. We all have cell phones that do everything for us. Our cars basically drive themselves. We have a digital screen that follows us everywhere and displays peoples lives in a continuous, exhausting flow. We have the news media chomping at the bit for our attention. We have unqualified role models setting unobtainable expectations which is a disgusting product of marketing in America. But my point is: whatever you need, It’s here and available. Its comfortable and at an arm’s length to obtain.  And in a crazy twist of our now scary reality, we are all content, dare I say numb to our surroundings. We are absent when questioning why. We just do and assume the best. We all need something to wake us up, out of this heavy, heavy haze.

That’s why we need to feel the rain. Or more importantly, *we* need to *feel* something. Anything. Anything to knock us out of that exhausting line of blindly walking to nowhere. There’s that popular Hilary Cooper quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” Think about that for a second. Now the scary part, apply it to your life. Where I ask, where have our breathless moments gone? The option of having them hasn’t left. It’s sitting idle twiddling it’s thumbs while we use ours to flick the screens of our phones. A sad affair, unfortunately. Yet a reality.

What to do? Maybe your content with living life in this fashion. I’m not, and pray I never will be. So heres some thoughts I have on my brain to maybe change some things. Change your work flow so to speak. Maybe they’ll be beneficial to you, maybe not. But it doesn’t hurt trying.

First and foremost, Get out of your comfort zone. I mean we exist in a world of comfort.  Comfort, in my opinion is not a measure of what you should be doing. So in that logic, just because your comfortable doesn’t mean what you’re doing is right. Probably, it means the opposite. Do something fresh, something new. Something you’re not an “expert” on. Learn something worth learning. Get out of routine. Don’t let your schedule run you. Theres something so simple and beautiful about a spontaneous moment.  I fear when I look back at my life too many things will have been done because they were expected or part of an itinerary. That makes me sad. Sad for me sure,  but more importantly sad for those I love.

The second thing is something I mentioned in a previous post “tech>you?” But I’ll hit it again here because it ties in nicely here. Trying connecting with people instead of screens. I know, I know, we love our phones and tablets and everything else. But what if connecting with people is the only thing that really matters in life? What if you find out too late that you should have spent more time with someone or gave someone more attention. Could it be that screens hinder us in ways we can’t control? I would bid to say yes. More so, I would submit that the recipient who deserves your attention feels unappreciated. I would hate to think someone (especially someone who I care for infinitely) felt second to a device or an inanimate object. It feels demoralizing and lonely. How do I know? Because to my shame I was on both ends. And if those are the vibes you want to throw to people. Well, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

I’m not sure if those will help. But if you don’t believe these are serious affairs. Consider your kids (if you have them). Here’s a frightening question I submit to you. Would you be happy if your kids turned out exactly like you are at this moment? Scary stuff huh? Maybe it’s just me, but I would rather my son get a little wet in the rain having the best conversation or playtime of his life then be squeaky clean and dry staring at screen just because everyone else was. Its time to take back our lives from whatever hinders us from being us. The devices and schedules have won for far too long. Put them down and look around. Its worth it I promise. If not for you, for those who want to do that long lost thing: Connect with those they love.

I still completely agree with the first line of this post. Talking in the rain still makes no sense. No sense at all. I mean think about it. There you are standings with someone, both soaked with water dripping down your face. And sure maybe your uncomfortable, maybe you look silly. But maybe, just maybe your comfort doesn’t measure whats really important. Your outward appearance doesn’t judge who you are truly on the inside. But what if talking in the rain is all that really matters? An moment of pure connection.

Heres the thing,  talking in the rain doesn’t need to make sense. Not everything we do needs to be logically correct or fit a certain order. It’s ok to do things that don’t make sense. It’s ok to not follow the mold. Its you being you and not a fabricated version of you with hints of genuine traits.  It’s OK to feel the rain time and time again. It’s productive to get wet. To feel the result of a non comfortable life. You see, the rain is a test. A test of how you choose to live your life, and getting wet is the reward. The rain you can always dry off, remove if you will. Connecting with someone you love, you can’t.

We all need to get wet once in our lives, and live such a life that all that really matters is talking in the rain.

Pro Tip:  Leave your umbrella at home.




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