“my movie”

Recently, many people have inquired about the movie I wrote and filmed titled “The Fiction.” I have skated around the film and how the journey personally has changed me and fulfilled a dream in many blog posts. But I definitely wanted to dedicate a certain type of structure and concise content to it. I just feel it deserves that sort of intention.

A month or so ago, I started writing a blog post about my story with the film and how it came to be and my feelings on it etc. I was planning to package all this information nice and neatly into a post. The problem with that is by midway through the first section “a visit with my agent” I was at 3500 words. It’s pretty clear that even if this is going to be a blog post, it will be broken up into many sections. I tried seeing what I could trim to make things a little more “acceptable” but honestly, this isn’t something I want to trim. I want to put into words what happened and how I honestly felt throughout the process. If for no one else, for myself.

Since the length is currently much longer than I was expecting, I also toyed around with the idea of making it a book and publishing it on kindle. I’m not sure if anyone would really be interested in how I made a film and my thought process throughout the journey. So I really have to take some time and see if this would appeal to many or just me.

Either way, the beginnings of writing about it has been an awesome experience, and I hope others enjoy reading it when it is ready in whatever form it comes in.



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