September 2014

September was an interesting month. The Apple stuff pretty much consumed my time. Doing research on what they finally announced was really rewarding. Although I believe Apple is changing from the company I once really enjoyed and admired, their future is exciting. I ended up purchasing a iPhone 6, which is really fantastic. I’m still working on my review for the blog.

The world of firefighting also got vamped up. We had 3 fires and I played a pretty significant role in all of them. It’s really great to be in a totally new world where I can set my own expectations within the my boundaries. I feel as if this career has been waiting on me, and I feel very welcome and comfortable in it. I am eager to learn more and I know as time flies on I will undoubtedly be reaching untraveled territory. In my own studies, I have started researching EMS and Paramedic practices. Not for a degree of any means, but just a good reference for my job and the well being of people around me.

As of September 25, linds and I have been married 5 years. While some of what marriage brings has been challenging to me, I feel eternally blessed to have someone like lindsey to spend the rest of my life with. She is continually generous and loving in an genuine way.

Another thing worth noting is Lindsey is continually doing well in school. I have no idea how she balances her life and gives so much attention to so many things. It takes a special person to do that. I believe she is genuinely excited about her future and the next step (after school) of her life. She deserves whatever God has for her.

I also started incorporating long walks to my days. This was something I did at a young age and kind of lost track of how much I enjoy them. Now that I have (some) free time, I have ramped that up and honestly it has been great. I am able to think clearly about things and quiet down my life in a controlled manner. Which is nice and a change from my previous couple years of living.

October brings Autumn and while in Georgia, that will not be relevant. It does my heart good to know somewhere in CT someone someone is admiring a crisp breeze and foliage while sipping a warm apple cider.



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