Foot in mouth moment -> So I know I just made a big deal and all about redesigning the site and how I worked really hard on it. But heres the thing, not many people liked it and the more it hung around the more I realized I didn’t either. I started to to get some negative feedback and reading those emails I began to see the problems and agreeing with them. This isn’t like developing an app where you can beta test and iron out the details, it is more like an unveiling where you just hope everyone “accepts” what you’ve been working on, well they didn’t.

Ill be honest though, that wouldn’t have been enough for me to change it. The fact is it hit me that the new design wasn’t looking into the future, it was simply redecorating the past. I am coming up on a hundred posts and while I am amazed at that, the one column simple blog look isn’t favoring such a number. The lack of search was really eating at a lot of people. Also no visible directly of entries was eating at me. So moving forward I thought it was important to design for the future but keep things simple. A way to easily find previous posts and finally implementing a visual organization system was premium.

Enough of my babbling, here it is the new (really) redesigned site. Keeping things as minimal as possible but adding (real) functionality that will last a whole lot longer then the previous redesign. There will be small visible changes in the coming weeks of things I just want to play around with but ultimately, this is the look. I hope you like it and I promise it will stay late to the party.

update 1: some are asking where I got the idea from. A popular tech blog “” Great site design wise and great writer also in John Gruber

update 2: There is very minimal custom code implemented. I am very new at programming so I didn’t want to maintain such a heavy load.


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