Uncertainty & iDevices

From time to time, I reevaluate my tech devices and their place in my life. Anyone who knows me will tell you I actually obsess and take extravagant amounts of time to decide what devices I need. An exhaustive process that seems required research at this point in my life.

I genuinely enjoy researching the tech world and following its pulse. Im continually aware of much of the happenings and usually know whats coming to market before most people in the tech world do. So, on that note, Lets begin:

I have made some great purchases in the tech world. Purchases that improved my life, saved me time and enabled me to create some lasting memories. This post is not about those. It’s about the others, the messy ones and most importantly, the possible future.

Allow me to give you a little insight into my previous history in my travels of owning and purchasing 2 particular devices before we get to the subject matter:

It took me until the iPhone 4 to be comfortable enough and deem the iPhone platform worthy of my full time usage. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make the attempt previously. I owned every iPhone before the 4th (that’s 3 different models) and to be honest, during the “3GS” era I bought and returned 4 of them (for those counting that’s 6 iPhones). Just a merger of indecisiveness and not being able to fully use the device for my personal needs. When the iPhone 4 came out, I think what really sold me was the technology that it was boasting was too far ahead of what I was using, and seamlessly, a nice friendship ensued. I’ve owned a 4,5 and now a shiny 6.

I actually didn’t own the first generation iPad. Truth being told, I had doubts it was a going to succeed. BUT, the iPad 2 came around and all it’s shiny marketing, I gave Apple my money. Returned the iPad 2 and felt good about the decision. Almost a month later I started to want an iPad again and I couldn’t understand why. I just did, which is very unlike me. I decided I was going to wait until the iPad 3 came out and spring for that. They announced it a few months later,I preordered, received and a week later, returned. iPad 4 announcement, I purchased, I returned. iPad Air announced, I purchased and sold on eBay. Currently I don’t own an iPad, but it should come to no surprise, that the iPad Air 2 is constant bait hanging in front of me.

Hopefully by now you get the gist. Now give me some time to defend myself. You are probably asking why the uncertainty? Why the indecisiveness? Well, I have no clue. So you can stop reading if you thought I solved this equation. But I have thoughts….

Here are some of my needs to keep devices, or actually anything for that matter:

Need #1
Most importantly, I need to feel I can use the item to its full potential. The iPhone took some time because I lived my whole life without one. We all did, and then all of sudden it was there. I felt uneasy for the first 3 iterations. Like I mentioned, once the 4 came out it was time and it just clicked, It didn’t take work for me to want one. It was natural.

With the iPad, I am still in this ocean of uncertainty. I don’t think I can ever purchase one again unless I can fully use it as my laptop replacement. Having both the devices seems wasteful to me. I love my mac and it pretty much goes everywhere with me. I write on it, edit video, manipulate files, save great articles, index picture categories, work on the back end of my blog, so much. Until I can do all this as easy with an iPad I just cant see myself owning one.

Let me make one thing clear though, I desperately long for that day to come. As you can see from my purchase history, I have attempted many, many times to squeeze an iPad into my life. Ive heard all types of comments from many people:

1. “It’s a leisure device”
2. “You don’t have to use it for everything”
3. “Just use it to browse the web, etc”

While I completely admire and am infinitely jealous of people who can rationalize owning a device for a few select uses, I just cant. So these suggestions never have helped me much.

Need #2
The device needs to have some legs. What I mean by that is whatever device it is, it needs to last a long time. Physically it needs to hold up and so naturally, build quality is important but technology wise, the device needs to not be “sherlocked” 6 months later by newer, better tech.

This is why I usually spring for Apple products. Apple is not so paranoid about specs. They make their devices with the idea of the “whole” product. This seems to make for a long lasting, great experience with their product.

So I constantly ask myself why? Why do I want one if I know I don’t. I think at least half the issue is a philosophical element. When the iPad works, it does things extremely well. It’s not clunky like my Mac, It’s smooth. The limited tasks it does, it handles exceptionally well. Sure my mac can do everything, but it’s not an elegant experience anymore. iPad is a single purpose, streamlined convertible. My mac is a multi purpose, gas guzzling truck. Couple that with the fact the iPad is less than half the weight of my mac and the battery life is extremely efficient. It just gives off different vibes.

So why write this? Well, the future draws nigh:

Lets fast forward a little bit. In April I have it on good sources Apple will venture into to untraveled seas and start selling a new category. Enter Apple Watch. Disclaimer: I don’t wear watches. I’m not really a jewelry person and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a “flashy” individual. Yet Apple is slowly selling me on the idea of a Watch. The other day, I re-watched the Apple Watch keynote and more and more, I see it playing a big role in my future.

Part of the reason for this post is to try and work the demons out. I don’t want the watch to be another iPad incident, where I buy and return 5 of them. (eek, not proud) And i’m confidently sure my wife would appreciate an efficient transaction now and again. So I’m aiming for one or none actually.

So at this moment I plan on purchasing but I am puzzled. How can I be extremely excited about buying a watch when I don’t like wearing them? This is stunning to me! Nonetheless, here I am.

An all too familiar feeling.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my  uncertainty of iDevices as thoughts on Apple Watch permeate and release nears!



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