Cinderella 8/10

The release of Cinderella marks a triumphant return for Disney in the non-animated world. Cinderella is not only a throwback of great tradition, it proves to be a refreshment of sorts in the movie world. Equipped with magic, fairy-god mothers and evil stepmothers, Cinderella brings all it should while adding an updated, positive spin on our current world.

Disney’s synopsis of Cinderella: “Kenneth Branagh directs Disney’s 2015, live-action take on the classic fairy tale Cinderella, which stars Lily James as the put-upon young women forced to endure a life of labor at the hands of her stepmother (Cate Blanchett) after her father dies unexpectedly. Forced to do every menial chore imaginable, Ella maintains her good spirits and eventually strikes up a friendship with a stranger in the woods who turns out to be the prince. When the royal court holds a gala ball, Cinderella wants nothing more to attend, and although her stepmother won’t allow it, she gets help from a surprising source.”

I like to applaud films that whole families can feel comfortable watching together. The joy of going to the movies was never meant to be experienced alone and all too often now, this is the case. Cinderella not only is a great movie, but excels as a family film tremendously. The theater I attended was mostly families and moms and daughters which was heartwarming to witness. Also, it speaks a lot about Disney that they didn’t try and mess with Cinderella’s original recipe. It is exactly the same as you expect it to be. Although there are “updates”; the Cinderella you know and love is alive and well.

At times heavy handed but well meant, the words “Love” and “Courage” show up a bunch in the film.  2015’s Cinderella is really pushing that in a world of darkness, all you need is to have these characteristics. In my estimation thats a great message to deliver to everyone, not only youth. At it’s core, Cinderella is a film of a young woman who unquestionably gets the rawest end of any deal ever. But through her persistence, confidence and convictions of her loving parents, she endures. This Cinderella isn’t afraid to be straightforward with this, a trait I admired greatly.

Another appreciative factor of Disney’s reboot of Cinderella is it doesn’t rest on it’s laurels one bit. Sure this is an easy money-maker for Disney, but they spare no expense in cast or production. The acting is completely top notch also. From Lily James playing as soft and kind Cinderella as can be to the marvelous Cate Blanchett portraying the evil stepmother like an cold, dark fashion aficionado.  Across the board, the acting in Cinderella is believable and more importantly, true to form. 

Handsomely done and uncommonly good-natured, Cinderella is well worth the price of admission and sustains Disney’s classic.  Whether a family outing or just curiosity brings you to the theater, be reassured your trip will not be taken in vain.  Cinderella is plain, old fashion Disney fairytale tailored with glitter from head to toe. Gorgeous to look at and refreshing to experience once again. 




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