The Graduate


Well, today Lindsey is officially a College graduate! Remembering when I first met her, she told me of her attending the University of Georgia for 3 years and majoring in pharmacy. That alone showed drive and big brains. Over the years, one of the many things I’ve learned from Lindsey is drive is much more important than intelligence. She has plenty of both. But drive is what propelled her to today.

We married and she moved to CT. Anyone could tell though, within a few months she was pondering school again. How could she not? She spent so much time and energy doing it and then all of a sudden, it was gone. She is a finisher, so naturally the current state of her schooling was unsettling. She mentioned many times of not wanting to waste her parents money and following through on what she started. Great qualities and admirable traits for anyone to strive for.

I still remember the night Lindsey told me she was seriously looking into returning and finishing her degree. I set out to be as supportive as possible and I can recollect being excited for her but honestly, I had no idea how she was going to pull this off. She was a full-time caretaker for our two year old who was growing in energy by the second. And I worked insane amount of hours. She knew better than anyone this was going to be extremely difficult. But that didn’t stop her.

She dug her heels in and did the work. When she was tired, she did it. When she had to pull all nighters with a baby, she did it. Lindsey wanted the degree so bad, nothing got in the way. She showed an amazing amount of loyalty and resilience to the cause. Characteristics of a hero in an epic film. Sure, there were times where she doubted and times that were tough. But anything worth doing is never easy.

Personally, I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is an amazing “graduate” and even better mom and wife.

Here’s to Lindsey, someone who persevered through the exhausting times, mentally and physically. The times when online teachers were difficult to read. The times when your project partners took advantage of you and you were left with all the work. The times of configuring Microsoft Word at 2am just to enable a stupid feature your project needed.

Congratulations Linds,it was all worth it and no one can take away what your hard work and resiliency has brought you.

Love you



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