August 2015


While August isn’t quite over yet, I wanted to tackle this early. A lot has happened. Lindsey, Liam, Luca and I are in our new house! It is pretty awesome and odd at the same time. I really want it to feel like “our” home, but it’s just too soon for that. Respectfully, it is still a “house” and has yet to graduate to a “home”.  Also, the notion of your “home” has got me thinking a lot now. What is a home? Do people make a home? Do memories make a home? Super interesting to me.

Liam started school and although we love his teacher, he is falling into some of the same issues he had last year. This is extremely frustrating because to his teachers, it must seem like as parents, Lindsey and I do nothing to improve his condition. Nothing can be further form the truth. We lose sleep nightly trying to figure what to do and how to aid his attention span issue. I am less than confident about it being an “age” thing. I get scared now when people tell us he will grow out of it. I just want to spend as much time as possible with him and help in any way I can. I’m doing an exhausting amount of research. Surprisingly every kid is different and there is no blueprint. Who woulda known?

I started and stopped at Home Depot. The idea was to go back there and earn some extra money to help with our new pad’s expenses. Unfortunately, I didn’t take some obvious things into consideration. For one, When previously employed there, I didn’t work a job that takes me away from my family for 24 hours. Also, currently Lindsey has her hands full with the baby. My first night working, I felt awful leaving them and Lindsey with her hands full like that. In addition to Liam really needing two parents there to show him adequate attention. Like I told Lindsey when I showed up at home in the middle of my second night there, “I just couldn’t do it.” I want to be home more helping her. I’m not saying I’m good at anything, but she could use the two extra hands in a big way right now. I want to be there for her and Liam anyway I can. I felt immensely bad telling Home Depot this, but I will never apologize for something that I feel is right for my family. As a my friend and former co worker Mike at Home Depot told me, Family first man, Family First.

Having a baby around the house again is new and old. I forgot how every minute of everyday must be spent on the baby’s well being. We are continually blessed that Luca is healthy in every which way. I am still worried for his allergies considering Liam has had such a hard time. But time will tell. He is a joy to be around and Liam’s interaction with him is simply priceless.

I feel September will be a transition month for us as a family getting used to our home and commencing the memory making. I start filming our church video September 6th, with the hope of a final edit completion by the first of the year. It will be a huge project but I am up for the challenge. The church deserves it and I hope I can deliver.

Hopefully September brings some sane amount of coldness. The heat here is getting so tough. Here’s to mittens and hot cocoa! Too soon? Never!

By the way, Thank you guys so much for your feedback on the Chapter I posted. I got so much great info that I never even considered. So thank you again!



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