Apple Predictions & Thoughts

So tomorrow marks another major Apple event. I’ll just get my predictions out of the way now:

  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are assured to be unveiled accompanied with force touch technology, 12 MP camera and 4k video recording. Also a new rose gold color for all the vain individuals. For the more boring details, Apple has redesigned the back casing for strength reasons. Whether bend-gate was a real thing or not, Apple is forging ahead, making the iPhone stronger than last generation.
  • Apple TV will finally get a long overdue overhaul not including the much rumored TV service. From what I could gather Apple is bullish on changing TV and the way we consume, the issue is cable companies are reluctant to move their business model independently to Apple. So you can expect some new shiny hardware, better Siri integration and a new UI design to more be in line with iOS-ish design. There has been many speculating on gaming. I don’t have much to say here, but it would make a bunch of sense for Apple to make a huge push in the gaming market. Nintendo has lost its way and Apple is positioned well to pick up some slack there.
  • Possibly the biggest news coming out of tomorrow’s event will be the announcement of the long anticipated iPad Pro. Measuring in at 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro is sure to end the conversation of the ultimate consumption device. From what I can gather, iPad Pro will not come with but have the option of two accessories: 1. stylus 2. bluetooth keyboard. You can also expect iPad mini 4 to be released, while there is very good chance the iPad air 2 goes trucking on not being updated.

So there ya have it. Sure, more stuff will happen and be announced, but I figure I would cover the big ones.

Before I sign off, I wanted to talk a tiny bit about Apple’s current state. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something feels off about Apple lately. Sure, their financial gains are not showing that and I’m sure moral around the company is fine. But idk, They have made some odd decisions lately that strike me as questionable.

Like putting apps on Apple Watch on day 1. Or paying huge money for seemingly just an a Apple Music rewrite. I wonder about who is making decisions at Apple nowadays. I know when Steve was alive and in charge, his dictatorship over ruled Apple. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe that was a bad thing. But now I seriously am starting to question Apple’s direction.

Could be all in vain, all this thinking. But I know their working on a car and other stuff we can’t even imagine. It’s odd though, I find myself looking for the beginning of the end and not the next big product, lately.

Anyhow, tomorrow should be another fun day. I know these announcements may seem boring after a while but please consider the time, effort and passion these designers and engineers have put into them.

I for one am looking forward to tomorrow. I think it should be another exciting day!



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