CBC Video Diary #4

The clock in the upper right corner of my mac reads 1:54am. And as I type the Camden Baptist Church “welcome video” is exporting to Compressor. Which means….. drum roll…. It’s complete! The CBC welcome video is finished! As always, I have a mixed bag of emotions. But the most prominent of those is happy!

It has been a crazy 7 months and this project has certainly served me the ups and downs. I’m always mixed with the “feels” when a project like this is over. Whether you know the subjects in the video or not, you do get attached to them. You spend late nights trying to get things to work. You spend countless hours staring at the characters in whatever film you are working on. And then like the best of relationships past, there gone. Just with one click of a button. Gone.

Nonetheless, I feel relieved. This (for me) was a major undertaking and I can’t stress enough; without the help of My wife Lindsey, John and Mandy Lynch and Bro Edward and his wife Ms. Faith, this process would have been an extremely difficult undertaking. I’m thankful I had a support group when needed and extra eyes on demand. The older I get, the more I learn nothing worth substance is usually executing alone. Most good results are spawned from teamwork. This project was no different.

A word on the finished product if I may. I’ve always had an issue with making things creatively and then letting them go in to the public. This is no different, but with this current project I feel “OK”. My only job was to put together a video to replicate the true heart of Camden Baptist Church. I wasn’t commissioned to make a super polished video by any means. (But I feel confident in the quality.) I wasn’t tasked to buy new equipment and shoot out of this world shots. (But I feel this time around I really stretched my equipment as far as it can go and reached it’s full potential). At the end of the day I looked at this project like such: It had to stand the test of time. This video’s main objective is to inform church searchers that there is a place called Camden Baptist Church and the people there will welcome you with open arms. The video must succeed on capturing the essence of CBC so when a newcomer attends the video doesn’t feel fabricated or convoluted. This was the goal.

I can sit here honestly stating I feel the video has hit the mark we were going for. Of course this is none of my doing, but the result of much prayer and grace. I’m thrilled it’s finished and in my opinion an accurate representation of the church. But I’m more excited of what the future brings. If one, just one visitor comes because they viewed the video, this was worth every second of the six months it took.

So whats next you ask? Currently I am working on the website. Brother Edward, Ms. Faith and I have discussed about how and where we would like to place the video and those talks are ongoing and still in discussion. Personally, I’ve always wanted to do a sort of “cover” page for the site introducing the video and simply presenting it. If the reader didn’t come for the video they can simply click the “continue to site” button. Also the video’s long term home will be one of the main pictures tiles on the bottom of the home page. I’m not sure how long the cover page will last, but ill be checking analytics on it to determine if the plays we are receiving from there are substantial or not. If not I don’t mind at all just placing it in it’s home on the homepage.

Well, there you have it. Thank you guys for following this diary of sorts. I originally planned for much more than 4 entires, but time is tough nowadays and honestly I’m just glad I got 4 out. I hope you somewhat enjoyed this and maybe learned something about Final Cut Pro in the process. I have been really excited to hear from some younger readers and how the young kids still have a interest in editing.

OH YA… the video! I almost forgot. I will post the video on this site as soon as it is live on Camdenbaptistchurch.com for your viewing pleasure. I am really looking forward to your guys take on it, positive or negative.

Once again, thank you guys a bunch and Ill be in touch soon with the finished product.



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