Small achievements count too

Today I received notice I passed my Firefighter 2 exam. It dawned on me that this is something I should be proud of. I failed at my first attempt mainly because I have so much going on with Florida and obtaining my certifications there, that I sort of swept this test under the rug and hoped for the best. Well, that didn’t work out too well.

When I found out I failed, I was devastated.  Unfortunately, I put the potential (Jacksonville) in front of the here and now (Waycross). That didn’t sit well with me and sort of acting as a well needed wake up call.

I set out to drive all the way up to the GA Fire Academy and retake the test on my own dime. I studied and the result showed. Nothing magic, just studied hard and trying my best.

I guess I’m writing this as a reminder to myself, while I plan to work hard for my future in firefighting (no matter where I end up), I ought not to lose sight of the present and little achievements. They matter also.

Future advice for my future self: I need growing in the area of taking a step back and enjoy little accomplishments in life. Far too often I lose sight of the little for the big. I would like to work on that in all areas in my life.



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