I am have been thinking hard about the site lately and some issues started to arise, this blog started to feel like work. That made me sad.

Looking back, I think this came with page views. The minute the numbers started to increase much higher then I ever imagined, I started feeling an odd sense of pressure to keep the views up. The more I dug into the metadata, it was clear that the posts driving the traffic here were the ones that originally I didn’t care to do.

You may think it’s easy to just ignore such a situation. For a writer who’s never been published, I assure you, it’s not. This site’s original intention was geared for me. To reflect mostly, on the past. And I enjoyed it immensely. There are some posts hidden deep down here that truly mean the world to me. I’m not saying their good or grammatically correct, but they’re personally priceless. Also in the earlier days, there weren’t many posts, all long form, all heartfelt (in my opinion). I’m not saying I got away from this, but let me put it another way: My long form writing wasn’t striving in page views.

Nonni’s at 7 as it stood, morphed into a very “formal” site. I didn’t like that feeling. It felt like I was writing in a straight jacket sometimes. Then if I wanted to post a tiny news story about something I felt was cool, that ended up feeling too informal.

Moving forward, that needs to change.

It’s an odd feeling, to have your own site, but feel like the content is controlled by someone else.

So something has to change…

What’s changing:
So today marks a new chapter. A big one! As you may or may not have seen, the site has a new name. (WWW.DDILEO.COM) My name actually. You see, the more I started thinking what I wanted this blog to be. I want this site to be much more personal and to feel like “my” page. And the more I kept thinking about my lack of presence on Facebook. (My feelings on FB are well documented on the site), but somethings are done extremely well over there. For example, keeping loved ones in touch with your life, or just posting tidbits about your life. As it stood, Nonni’s at 7 wouldn’t allow this.

This idea was very appealing to me. Not Facebook, just the idea of small, little updates. In a sense I would love if this site turned into my personal FB-like page. If for no one else, only me. To look back and document times in my families life. Currently this site feels too “important” for such little posts.”

I don’t like that one bit.

You see, I really, really liked the idea of small updates, monthly entries of recapping the previous 30 days, or even little posts throughout the day, like maybe just a picture, etc. It was clear by some of your emails, this wasn’t desirable content. And while I appreciate your input (and there was and is much of it) I feel the need to move in another direction.

But make no mistake about it, I loved writing about my Nonni and there is plenty more where that came from. So if you are on the site, you can look at my menu tabs. One of them is entitled “Nonni’s at 7”. That is where all of Nonni entries will live. Including little pictures and snippets. It is still a huge part of my site and mindset, just not the main part anymore. The main part is focused on Me and my family now.

Things change, people change. Sometimes change is good and sometimes bad. But change shouldn’t be avoided if it fits. To me, all this change is a natural progression for myself, family and the site. I am no longer worried if I lose page views, because the people who matter will be watching for entries.

I really hope you enjoy the new direction of this site, if not, thats ok too. The internet is very big place filled with intellectual writers/thinkers much more capable then me. But as for this site and my time, refocusing was a much needed action.

Personally I am excited for the future, Im excited for life to happen and blog about it. Not to impress people and strive for a new high in page views, but to document all these great moments.

Great moments, that’s what makes life worth writing about.


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