FBI, Apple & Our Constitutional Rights

Whatever your political beliefs are (mine Libertarian) it’s never good when the Government forces anything upon anyone. And now their at Apple’s front door. More importantly, hundreds of millions of Apples customer’s front door.

Great article by Marco Arment explaining how the isn’t just about 1 phone that the FBI is claiming:

As we’ve learned from Edward Snowden and, well, almost every other high-profile action taken by law enforcement recently, this most likely has very little to do with the specific crime or iPhone that the FBI is citing in this case.

It’s their excuse to establish precedent and permanent backdoors for themselves so they can illegally spy on anyone’s data whenever they please. They’re shamelessly using a horrible tragedy to get themselves more power.

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I’ll be the first to tell you my Libertarian views and openly explain why they are important to me step by step. But again, I stand amazed how people cannot see this is completely a vehicle the FBI is using to further it’s reach on American people.

I continually ask myself when Americans are going to wake up and realize your God given freedom and liberties are being ripped away one inch at a time while you watch the Kardashians. Simply put, this is an excuse for spying. Nothing more, nothing less. And its very sad.

I love how Marco ends his article. It mirrors my feelings perfectly:

I commend Apple for standing up to this, but unfortunately, I suspect they’re eventually going to lose. I’d love to be proven wrong, but nobody in the government is protecting our rights anymore, and Americans simply just don’t care enough to compel them to.

Prove me wrong, America.

For those interested, here is Apple’s original statement.



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