Mike Alford & Darnel Robinson

On Feb 18 I opened my RSS app as I usually do and was delighted to find an article written by Mike Alford entitled: “My Partner, My Hero.” A well deserved love letter about a man named Darnel Robinson. More so, he goes on regarding their unique relationship:

Darnel and I know each other inside and out. It turns out, as you walk from house to house together, you find out a lot about a man. We have bore our hearts one to another. He knows things about me my wife doesn’t know. He has seen me at my best, and at my worst. We have both labored when neither one of us wanted to. We have preached in the hot, and preached in the cold. We have preached in the rain. We have preached to the hopeful and to the hostile. He has always been kind, and always tolerant of my foolishness. He has never rejoiced in my flaws. He has always given me way too much credit for what we do.

I am lucky enough to attend church with Darnel. Him and Mike both are exceptional  people who passionately serve God within the Church and more importantly, outside as well.

Please take a minute a read Mike’s piece on Darnel. It is fantastic:

Read the whole article here.



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