2nd 48

Working the last 24 of my 48 hours today. This will have marked my 2nd 48-hour stint in 1 week. I will be most definitely looing forward to going home and relaxing. It’s really not too bad. But I wouldn’t want to make it a routine habit.

Yesterday, Lindsey and the little guys traveled up to North GA and eventually Tennessee to spend the weekend. I was worried initially that her driving late last night would be a bad idea. But she got there safe and all is well. Thank God.

Many of you have asked why I don’t include more details of my job as a Firefighter on the site. There are a couple reasons but most prevalent: my department has a very strict social media policy where they really don’t want you posting anything. I am still unsure if this qualifies as social media, so I just play it safe and type in broad strokes. So it’s not that I don’t want to, I just officially can’t.

Hopefully, today goes smooth and tomorrow restful. Miss the little guys, miss Lindsey, but they will be home soon enough.


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