The Founding Father, Kevin Durant

Well, if you follow basketball you’ve no doubt heard by now Kevin Durant has left Oklahoma City to Play for the 73 game winning Golden State Warriors. I have been reading a bunch of stuff lately on why he may have left and so on. Some people call him a coward and some people agree with his decision. But no explanation I’ve read yet intellectually makes a case. Linked below is Chris Ryan’s take. Ryan focuses on the weight Durant may have been feeling from the franchise. Interesting take.

Shortly after Durant announced his decision to leave Oklahoma City on The Players’ Tribune today, the Thunder released a statement. In his remarks, general manager Sam Presti called Durant “a founding father of this franchise.”

This statement is true, and remarkable. There were no Thunder before Durant. To a lot of people, even outside of Seattle, this was a franchise born of theft. Durant has done a lot of amazing things during his time in Oklahoma City, but making and keeping this team likable was perhaps his greatest achievement. Along with Russell Westbrook, Durant made Oklahoma City into a viable and successful NBA organization, despite some of the organization’s self-sabotaging moves.

Read Ryan’s take here.



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