Today Lindsey is taking an important test. I hope she does well. She’s extremely bright so of course she’s going to be fine. But her test and my past year of testing got me thinking lately about presentations. No, not like at school or work presentations. But presentation in the sense of arrival. Arrival of anything really; emotion, events, etc.

Its funny how things come into our life and present themselves. Opportunity, fear, joy and sadness. All major players. All emotions and events we are guaranteed to experience. But when they come, when they “present” themselves we are either surprised, nervous or doubtful. You would think by now we would have a handle on such things. Apparently not. Of course I am just talking about myself. Not everyone. One thing I’ve learned (the hard way) through this blog is everyone is different. Everyone experiences events and presentations  completely differently.

Maybe when life presents you with something, you’re ready, set and good to go. For me its always been the exact opposite. I’ve never been good at change. Even good change. Never been a change person. But change has also taught me that change is good. A presentation that now, is still difficult but a little easier.

I didn’t realize it, but change is a presentation in itself. Then it hit me. No one is good at presentations, unexpected opportunities, bad news, etc. We all are a working project. That comforted me. Comfort in numbers I guess.

In other news, I am almost finished with my next big  writing entry. I know some of you thought I forgot I had a blog. But I’ve been also doing some work with videos and that has taken up significant time. Hopefully soon I will be able show all of this.

Have a great day and DFTBA :)




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