Short Stories and 2017

Its been a while since I posted a short story. To be honest, writing fictional stories takes up much time and energy. I set out a few months ago to work on two or three for release in 2017, though.

Im happy to say 1 of them is nearing completion and should be posted within the next week or so. Im always nervous when it comes to fiction and letting people read. I didn’t have the best of experiences with my film and since then, I’ve been a little bashful to release something personal that I created out of nothing.

But anyways, the story is darker then my usual style. But I really wanted to write something of authenticity. The story revolves around a man volunteering at a Suicide Hotline and written in the first person. I posted a very early draft of this idea years ago, but took it down due to my unsatisfaction with it’s flow and tone. But now, I feel its right and ready.

So I hope everyone enjoys it. Just maneuvering some finishing touches. The story is called “Moments.”



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