Everyday Blogging – 1 Day at a Time

Always a scary thing no doubt, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately. What’s important to me. What’s not. What I want to spend my time doing, what I want to be creating and what I feel is truly rewarding to me and my loved ones.  In combination of the “Year Of Less” and of all the distractions I am trying to weed out, I realized the need to keep or create personally profitable acts. That notion is what brought forth this idea.

Everyday Blogging.

I doubt it will be easy. But its something I would like to try. The rewards are obvious: documentation and reflection. I have been using the app “Day One‘” for these purposes. While that application is great, I wanted to expand my reach a tiny bit. Also, when I write just for myself in a diary, I have the tendency to not document properly or “mail it in.” Memories are important. Some would say the most important thing. I don’t want to mail in memories. I believe publicly publishing may be the answer to this.

To keep me honest, I’ve added a little calendar to my site’s homepage to mark the days I’ve posted and days I haven’t. Also, I know some of you will ask so… I still will be working on my long form writing think pieces. Actually I could kind of document what I’m working on if I’m checking in with the site everyday or so.

  • Important to note 1 : I am unsure how this will coincide with my fire department job. I work every 3 days and they have a pretty strict policy on posting while on duty. So writing on my “on duty” day may be a no go.
  • Important to note 2: Im going to just stick to week days for a awhile. Weekends seems too invasive.

Anyways….So here we go. I’ll preface all of this by saying I have no clue how long this will last for. But trying is more important than failing to me.



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