Man on the Corner

Everyone has a bad day. Driving home today I saw a man sitting on the side of the road, bunch of bags around him with his hand resting on his head. He looked exhausted, broken down and on his last leg.

When I saw him my first inclination was to stop. See if I could help with anything. I mean, you never know. But the traffic was heavy, turning around would have been a “hassle.” So of course I didn’t. Then I began thinking about how that man got to that place.

In my experience, people see a man like that and think 1 of 2 paths brought him there. Mindset #1 says he must have done something that deserved such a destination. Mindset #2 would say that the man on the corner maybe just had a string of bad luck. Maybe genuine misfortune brought him to that corner.

I fall into the latter. Even if his actions pointed him to the side of the road, what does that matter? He was there, he needed help and I failed at any attempt for such aid.

Something I always am working on is ensuring enough time to do things I think are worthwhile. I failed this time around. Hopefully that man on the corner had a better stroke of luck with another passerbyer.

That man’s bad day was an opportunity for me to turn it around and show a little help. Maybe give a church invitation? But alas, nothing. I need to work on putting more effort into other people. Lord knows I pour enough into myself.



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