Easter Sunday has come and gone. People across the world celebrate Easter Sunday in many different ways. Over my life, Easter has meant many different things to me.

Of course when I was younger, Easter meant one thing and one thing only, candy. Whether I actually believed a big bunny delivered this candy is uncertain in my mind though. I just knew when I woke up Easter Sunday, candy was to be expected.

As I grew older, Easter rituals and the meaning of Easter changed. I was brought up in a catholic school so Easter started turning into going to mass and learning about Jesus, the crucifixion, the burial and resurrection. I remember being young, like age 10, but finding that story magical. The story of Jesus and the resurrection wasn’t visited much in my younger years, but when Easter came around the corner, it was a welcome sight to behold.

In my late teen years I started to become passionate and exceedingly interested in the bible. I wanted to learn what it taught, for myself, for my future. At that point Easter became an interactive venture to me. I learned that Jesus actually died on the cross for me. That story became very personal.

I accepted and embraced Jesus in my mid 20’s. Easter then and now has meant a whole lot more to me than ever. Now I have a family of my own. A big responsibility sure, but an even bigger blessing.

Easter to me has been an ever-changing event. From candy and bunnies to Jesus and the resurrection. But like so many things in life, a process is needed.

I’m thankful for my childhood and the magic my family instilled in me. I’m thankful for the present, for a Savior who cared enough for a dying world that he would give his only Son to die on a cross for me.

Happy Easter! However you spent it, I hope it was magical.



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