October 2014

October really flew by. It was one of those months that just didn’t take it’s time. Never set in, just kind of stayed in the fast lane. Equally tough because I’m used to seeing some fall foliage. Not so down here, not so. The weather has been nice for walking. A little breezier and a tad cooler. Kind of similar to September in CT.

Well, if I wasn’t a fully fledged firefighter in September I sure am now. We had a huge structure fire. The bell went off at about 1:30 AM and we were there until 7:00 AM. I will never be able to fully explain what it felt like to pull up to a building roaring with fire and uncertainty. All I know is from what I understand, we did an excellent job of maintaining and ultimately suppressing. We have done countless post classes on strategy from that night and it seems we really did a great job. Most of this credit goes to our Battalion Chief who sort of plays as the QB of the operation. But still, Engine 4 (my crew) showed up and put in some work!

My Mom and Aunt Chris came to Visit for Liam’s 4th birthday party and it was fantastic to see them. To date, I haven’t been to CT for close to a year now which is the longest (by far) I have ever been away form everyone up there. It is difficult and I have good friends down here, but it’s not the same as being around family. I was reminded of this when I saw their faces. It was great and I couldn’t be more thankful they were able to come.

Lindsey continues to amaze with her work load and life balance. In addition she is doing much more with church now and still manages to keep all her sanity. She really is amazing. She is doing more baking and schoolwork then a medical student crossed with Mary Poppins.

It would be a crime if I didn’t mention something new. “Serial.” That word may not mean much to you. But to me, it’s the main topic of October. A little known fact about me is I am a huge podcast listener. Something about the medium is just enthralling. Like a throwback to radio days or something. Anyways. Serial is a new podcast by the folks at “This American Life.” And it is simply fantastic I strongly urge everyone who has the interest to please check it out and get back to me!

November brings birthdays (Liams and my Mom’s) and pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice iced coffee from DD!


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