Continued Facebook Creepiness

If you are a facebook user, that’s fine. I’m not for many reasons. Personally, I have always felt their need for control and sense of creepiness a little too overpowering. I have also always felt that facebook is constantly trying to figure out ways to control the narrative and create a controlled environment. Anyways, news that broke yesterday continues to favor my theory:

Facebook’s Trending news section includes topics that aren’t actually trending on Facebook, according to a statement from the company today.

The admission came after The Guardian published a trove of documents, including a copy of Facebook’s “Trending Review Guidelines” used to train workers—known internally as “news curators”—who run the platform’s trending section. As Gizmodo previously reported, Facebook’s trending section is run largely like a newsroom and curators can “inject” and “blacklist” topics.

Why is this such a big deal to me? Simple. Facebook prides itself being an innocent in between of connecting people yet is personally curating what you see. Never a good thing. Especially when they are lying to you about actually doing it.

It’s this sort of constant creepiness that will forever keep me away from them.


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