Day 2


I was talking with my good buddy Jeremy today. He reminded me of something important. We all start somewhere. If you try a new diet, there must be a start day. If you want to begin a new habit or shoot for a goal, you need a “first” day.I lose track of this all time. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in things.

My department is starting rookie school again on Monday and I have been here the past two days. Because of my  coincidental presence,  I have seen some preparation for the new class, etc.  Talking with Jeremy, combined with seeing all this has reminded me of the times I was trying desperately to get onto a Fire Department. It made me extremely thankful to have a job and actually enjoy it and also allowed some recollections of my first couple weeks here. Funny how we forget things so easily sometimes.

After a busy day 2, I am looking forward to tomorrow AM so I could go home and spend time with Liam and Luca. Maybe a bonfire tomorrow night? Unsure.

Liam and Lindsey are continuing to get better and the fast road to a full recovery. Thumbs up.

On a side note for those asking. I’m not sure if I will continue these daily updates. I just wanted to try something new and somehow this idea popped in my head. So if sometime soon 24 hours go by and you don’t see one, don’t be worried. Most likely I’m still alive! Had the time I feel I am rambling, the other half I’m not talking about anything of interest. At least that’s how it feels. But we will see.

Here’s to a quiet night!



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