WWDC 2016 Predictions and Hopes

It’s that time of year again! I genuinely like to ponder and predict results of WWDC. I kind of feel its the result of my podcast listening. Im not always accurate except one year in particular but I always enjoy the whole experience.

A little background for those who don’t know what WWDC is. Once a year, Apple does what they like to call WWDC or “World Wide Developer Conference”. Basically the gist is all the Apple developers around the world can come to a week long conference where Apple employees can give classes and help them with their apps. In the beginning of the week Apple does what they call a “Keynote”. This is significant to us. The keynote is when Apple will present what they have been working on for future builds of iOS and (soon to be called) Mac OS.

Below are some predictions that I have gathered over the past couple months:

Lets talk hardware first. This will be quick enough. NO HARDWARE! There, that was easy. While many people will be disappointed, to my knowledge Apple views WWDC as a software conference and while sometimes they release hardware, it won’t be this year.

Apple Music
First up, Apple Music. Debuting to much criticism and rightly so, Apple Music is the result of Apple’s 3 billion dollar acquisition of Beats Audio. The service was unveiled at last year’s WWDC with arguably the worst presentation Apple has ever rolled out. The presentation itself mirrored the finished product. Confusing and bloated. My prediction is Apple will uncharacteristically revamp Apple Music just a year in. While it won’t be a complete overhaul. It will be a repainting, per say. Agree with it or not, music has always been super important to Apple. They know the shortcomings of Apple Music and it doesn’t sit well with them.

iOS 10
Taking a look around the tech landscape will simply tell you Apple has fallen a bit behind in the Artificial Intelligence category. Amazon bravely is paving the way with the Echo and Google just recently announced Google Home. Both products are amazing and both quite honestly trump Siri in it’s current form. So one prediction for iOS 10 is finally Siri 2.0 with a Siri API. They simply can’t afford to not have this now.

Another tent pole feature and one I have been waaaaaiting for is dark mode. OS X got this two years ago and I have been hoping this would come to my iPhone ever since. That’s more of a hope than a prediction, but lets get it done Apple!

watch OS 3
It’s a given right? This has to be a rethinking of the watch software. No one could or would complain of its physical design, but Apple Watch’s software needs some help. Personally, get rid of the app icon grid and please let third party developers make watch faces. I know Jony Ive is cringing somewhere , but this is a much needed feature. Much like the success of the iPhone, developers could bring fresh air into this product.

I would also love to see the exercise and workout features get a little smarter. There is no good reason why I should have to manually tell my watch to activate a workout. It should just simply be able to tell my heart rate is elevated and automatically put me in a workout.

Also it goes without saying that the watch is in need to “feel” faster. While i enjoy mine, it certainly lags at times. I know this is more of a hardware issue then anything. But a little software work would help.

Mac OS
That’s right! A new name! Finally Apple can shed the long numbers, cat naming schemes and California names and just make this a whole bunch simpler. Also, i think the biggest announcement here is going to be SIRI integration. It really seems odd to me the Macs are really the lone Apple devices with the absence of SIRI. Rumors have pointed to this and i’m really hoping it pans out.

Another Application Apple may be readying is a new, slimmer iTunes. iTunes is really tough for Apple. It’s really the only true legacy software Apple currently supports. They have to provide support for so many older devices, it’s extremely tough for them to push it forward in a drastic way. A lot of people love to harp on how Apple is falling behind and the current state of iTunes is enough proof. Personally, I think it’s a really hard problem to fix. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, It means more concentration belongs there.

Whatever happens on June 13th its important to remember Apple is a company and not a magical entity that can spawn whimsical products when they like. Always keep your expectations low and you will be the much more delighted when they announce whatever they announce! Happy WWDC!

P.S. Lets work on that Dark Mode :)


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