2016 In Review

2016 was a exceptionally different year for the site. Mostly because of the inactivity. As many of you know this was an extremely busy year for me and my career. I set some pretty lofty goals that resulted in massive time consumption. So, that hindered my output a little.

I tried some new stuff. Some worked and some didn’t. I’m OK with that. I like feeling new things out and seeing how they play. Also, none of the posts were featured by the WordPress editorial team this time around. I’m also OK with this. I never measure my success based on being featured or recognition of any kind. Ive been writing for a decent amount now, I learned over time every post isn’t for everyone, they just have to be for the right one.

As usual below are the top 10 posts this year based on site traffic:

  1. What If I Don’t Matter? – This one was really tricky for many reasons, So I was relieved when people were responding positively. I published it late in the year, but worked on it most of 2015. As you read it, you will see why it took close to year to complete.

  2. How I Learned To Stop Avoiding And Read My Bible – Extremely difficult to write and even more excruciating to publish. That was the point though. Honest look at my personal bible reading and how to improve. (I have a follow up to this coming soon.)

  3. Goals – Pretty much my year in a nutshell.  I used this post as motivation throughout the year. It helped then and writing it. Also, I got a bunch of fantastic, surprising emails in response to this.

  4. Making Christmas – My first attempt at “VLOGGING.” I’m not sure what the future holds for me and the medium. But this was fun. I’m always looking for exciting, new ways to capture and share family memories.

  5. Arrival – Easily the best film I’ve seen all year. My review of it. In short: SEE IT!

  6. What Makes A Movie Good? – After getting a bunch of negative feedback for my review of The Lovely Bones (I liked it.) I went on a rant about movies and opinions. It’s not my proudest moment but I’m keeping it on the site. I like the rawness of it.

  7. Age 5 – Liam’s annual Age 5 video!

  8. The Most Skippable iPhone? – The most controversial post of the year no doubt.. But I’ve come to learn anything with Apple in a negative light will be touchy subject.

  9. Newborn – Luca’s newborn video. I was really pleased with the way this turned out.

  10. WWDC Predictions – My usual night before, WWDC predictions.

So there ya have it. I know this year was a slower year as far as post counts. But there encouraging news. The site traffic is continually growing. Not as much as in the the past. But still heading in the right direction.

Come 2017, You will see many more “think pieces.” I have many in the works and many more in the idea stage. Also you can expect some more videos and maybe some experimental fiction short stories.

Most importantly, more Nonni memories are definitely happening. I have enjoyed writing them and I will space them out accordingly throughout the year.

Like always, thanks so much for coming to my site and being a loyal visitor. I really appreciate it. Please keep the feedback coming via email. It really makes my day when just one person says just one nice thing about any of the posts I wrote.

There ya have it… This is me signing off for the year. Hope everyone had a great 2016 and I look forward to 2017.

Thanks for supporting the site and remember………wherever you go, there you are :)




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