What Makes a Movie Good?

After I posted my Lovely Bones review, my email got slammed with comments. Mostly compiled of many of you claiming that I lost my edge deciphering what a good movie is. This got me thinking… What actually is a good movie and why do people care so much?

Just to be clear in my humble opinion; there is no such thing as a “good” movie. If there was how would you identify it? By the # of oscars that film won? I will point you to “Chicago” and “Shakespeare in Love“. Or “How Green was My Valley” beat cinephile favorite, “Citizen Kane” at the 14th Oscars. But we don’t talk about that. Some of my favorite films were not received well by others. If I didn’t experience them based on others opinions, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Anytime you take popular opinion and morph it into fact is a dangerous walk. Do the legwork yourself. Find out who you are based on your true feelings. But thats for another blog post…

You see calling a movie good is simply just saying you’ve enjoy it. There is no universal formula on how to make a good film. Example: Lindsey and I go to the theaters. We see a “her” type of film. We leave, she asks me how I liked it. I didn’t. She loved it. Does this make it a bad movie? Nonsense. Not to her.

If you fancy yourself on calling a movie bad, you are utterly underselling the art. Why are movies special? Or more importantly why are movies special to you? Think about it.. I’ll tell you why, because they connect, in other words they are intimate. And when a film reaches that point of intimacy it immediately crosses over to an experience. It elevates over the good or bad tag. It’s something bigger. When you lose that, you lose the magic of movies and your place in the experience.

So to say me liking The Lovely Bones is equal to “losing” my eye is a little idiotic and more so of a ignorant statement. The fact that The Lovely Bones moved me and not you is fine. That’s ok. Life goes on.

I bet every single person in the world has a movie they enjoy that the majority doesn’t. Are they wrong for liking it? Of course not. Opinions can’t be wrong. Just defended and hopefully given the chance to be understood by the opposite party.

Regardless of what the world would have you to believe, we all don’t have to think alike. That would be crazy. Right?



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