The Lovely Bones (2009)

lovely_bones.jpgThe Lovely Bones was a film I’ve wanted to see since hearing about the book back when. For whatever reason I never got to the theater and then life kind of happened and well, I just never got around to seeing it.

Recently I finally caught up with Peter’s Jackson in-between the Lord of the Rings film. I was well aware of the negativity around it and unfortunately in recent days, political power plays will skew this film’s lasting impression. But I continued on and went in with fair expectations.

The truth is, I really enjoying The Lovely Bones. Sure it has it’s flaws, but none more overpowering of it’s pros, which are vast. You could sit and dissect film all you want, but if you fail to open up and leave yourself vulnerable, you’ve missed the boat entirely. I fear many people have done just that with The Lovely Bones. Here you have truly a tragic incident happening to an innocent girl. A family in intense grieving and so much more meat to chew on for your brain and emotional depth. And the majority of opinions I’ve read is about political agenda and self righteousness.

Look, Im not saying The Lovely Bones is great film. But it provides a unique look into a major moment in all our lives, death. And an exceptional moments of hardship a family goes through involving a death of a loved one. The older I get I appreciate films like this. They challenge and then give. But only if your open to let them.

I’m guilty to have not read the book so I can imagine where the book strives and the film fails (well documented by the critics). But for the life of me, I can’t grasp where all the negativity circulating this movie is coming from. I truly had one of those: “Am I watching the same movie as them moments.”

I guess I can only speak for myself, but count me in as an enjoyer of The Lovely Bones. I was emotionally invested, felt many similarities involving emotions with my own family. And felt supremely sympathetic to what happened to Susie Salmon (like the fish).

I hate doing this, but to get technical for a second, the camerawork was absolutely phenomenal. You can tell Peter Jackson was still in his Lord of the Ring mode. Sweeping landscapes and fluid camera movements where all present. Also Saoirse Ronan was breathtaking. I couldn’t place her at first but she looked super familiar. Afterwords, I realized she starred in “Brooklyn” which was also outstanding.

I’m not implying The Lovely Bones should have won an oscar. But I want to push this on you, where do you draw the line between “good” and enjoyable. For me. this movie was both. But as a movie watcher/lover, if you get to the place where good and enjoyable have to be in unison every single time, I would ask the person next to you to check your pulse.

To be clear, I thought The Lovely Bones was both  good and enjoyable. And I don’t mind saying it.


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