Luca – Newborn

When Lindsey told me she was pregnant with Luca, it was a very different situation then Liam. We had semi-planned the timing and were really just at a different stage in our life together. We were ready to grow our family and were excited for the future.

When Luca finally came into this world, he was and still very much is a big, lovable bundle of joy. Even strangers have commented to me what a “happy baby he is.” After you spend just a little bit of time around him, thats not hard to see. He’s a huge blessing that Lindsey and I certainly don’t deserve.

Luca’s first year brought laughter, smiles and pudgy jokes daily. He is without a doubt the least serious in our family and has a smile that simply lights up any room he’s rolling around in. He has already earned the “not serious brother” badge and constantly is playing jokes on Liam.

Unfortunately he can’t stay little for long. In his case it wasn’t very long at all. He’s very round if you know what I mean. But he’s a perfect addition to our family that only God could have mapped out. It’s been an amazing first year with Luca. Happy Birthday little buddy.

Making your video constantly put a smile on my face daily.


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