Luca – Age 1

Hard to believe Luca is turning 2. With Liam, it felt more spread out and time was patient. With Luca, days and months have been relentlessly rapid. Luca has grown so much in the past year; from barely walking all the way to running around talking. He is growing fast.

Making his video this year was interesting. There seemed to be a lot of footage of him and Liam. I think thats a good sign, whether Liam admits it or not, they love playing with each other, they love being around each other. The other bunch of his footage was him being his crazy self as demonstrated in the video.

I’m not sure what the next year brings for Luca. The addition of another little one and Liam starting school full time will be interesting changes for little Luca. One thing is for sure though, he will be his happy, always smiling and brightening everyone’s day, self. A priceless gift Lindsey and I don’t deserve but most welcomingly accept.

Happy Birthday Luca. Love you ❤



New VLOG: Making Christmas

I have mentioned in the past I was going to do more with video production. Here is my first attempt. I always am fascinated with finding new ways to document my family life and keep things for memory. I wanted to try this and see how well it worked.

It was a fun little project. Its safe to say you can expect more to come. I’ve found they are a ton of work, but super rewarding.

Merry Christmas!

Frosty River

I am making another honest attempt at reviving my YouTube channel.  So to sort of connect everything I have changed the “videos” tab on the site to connect to my YouTube page. I have some interesting stuff planned, because honestly I really miss making videos.  So in 2017, I’m hoping to do a lot more editing and video work.

Anyways I posted a video I took awhile ago while living in Connecticut. I love it mainly for the “coldness” I feel when watching it. Reminds me of winter. Thanks for viewing and if you get a chance, check out my YouTube channel also! Thanks and happy winter!

Liam – Age 5

Liam has grown so much in the past year… from playing video games and initiating super long question sessions to growing into a great big brother. It has certainly been a momentous year.

As time begins to go by fast now, I try to slow down things and realize how Liam was in the past, and how he is now. I try and be in the moment when I talk to him and really listen. I feel like everything formulating in his brain or coming out of his mouth at this point is original, wholehearted and sincere. He is curious about everything and has no boundaries imagination-wise.

Happy Birthday buddy. You may not remember every moment of being 4, 5, or 6 years old. But your mom and I will do our best to make the years fun, teach you new things and experience great places.

We love you.

Luca – Newborn

When Lindsey told me she was pregnant with Luca, it was a very different situation then Liam. We had semi-planned the timing and were really just at a different stage in our life together. We were ready to grow our family and were excited for the future.

When Luca finally came into this world, he was and still very much is a big, lovable bundle of joy. Even strangers have commented to me what a “happy baby he is.” After you spend just a little bit of time around him, thats not hard to see. He’s a huge blessing that Lindsey and I certainly don’t deserve.

Luca’s first year brought laughter, smiles and pudgy jokes daily. He is without a doubt the least serious in our family and has a smile that simply lights up any room he’s rolling around in. He has already earned the “not serious brother” badge and constantly is playing jokes on Liam.

Unfortunately he can’t stay little for long. In his case it wasn’t very long at all. He’s very round if you know what I mean. But he’s a perfect addition to our family that only God could have mapped out. It’s been an amazing first year with Luca. Happy Birthday little buddy.

Making your video constantly put a smile on my face daily.