Liam – Age 2

Age 2 was transitional year for us as a family. Personally, I made this biggest change in my life moving from CT to GA. The change was and is difficult for me. But I learned some valuable lessons. Family never leaves. Liam and Lindsey have taught me this. My family unit stayed the same. Liam continued to grow in his 2nd year of life.

From the very cold winters of CT to the blistering hot summers of GA, this was Liam’s most inspirational year to date. For the first time I could actually see my own son growing into a caring, loving human. I know he was only 2, but the signs were everywhere. He was just a boy who had a big heart. He recognized those who loved him and showed equal love back. To this day he is a very aware soul, I believe that started this year.

From perfecting his basketball shot to shoveling his first snow storm, he did a bunch of exciting things. Trips to the beach and easter egg hunts, this year was full of excitement. His vocabulary bloomed and his eating started to progress. His smile became contagious and his presence was warming.

At age 2, he showed and taught me resilience. I wasn’t the only one whose life got moved from my original birthplace. So did his. And he was champion. He was strong and caring. One night in particular I was having a rough time. I went out to sit on the back deck and stared at the lake. Liam just came out there to me and sat quietly in my lap and rested his head against my chest for 20 minutes. Like I said a very aware little boy, with a huge heart.


ok next week is the big one! On Liam’s bday (11/11) I will post his age 3 video. Good times!



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