Liam – Age 1

At 1 year old Liam was sweet. He was chubby, cuddly and ours. Squeezable cheeks and all, he was full of love. My fondest memories of Liam that year was in the fall for some reason. In Connecticut, we had a gorgeous fall in 2012 and Lindsey seemed to really embrace it by taking Liam to local farms, fairs and orchards, etc. It was a really nice time for us as a family.

Liam’s  personality started to form. He began making relationships with his toys and surroundings. His leather chair my brother so graciously bought and “Scout” his intelligent teddy bear come to mind! Of course it would be some serious negliance on my end if I didn’t mention the 2 biggest moments of all, his walking and talking careers began.

Trips to Boston and all around CT were great. We were growing as a family and it was truly a magical year in my estimation. Liam was still a new addition but that year he really felt a part of us and I felt we really were a part of his life. Liam saying “Mommy” and “Daddy” for the first time are moments I will never forget.




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