2017: The Year of Less

2016 was an extremely long, busy, excruciating year for me. This wasn’t by accident. This was very much by design. I made personal career goals and if all went well by the end of 2016, those goals would be completed. Well, 2016 came and went. I worked hard, had many sleepless nights. But thank God, each goals I set out to achieve was realized.

Although I learned a lot last year, this was hardly the first time I pushed myself to do something hard and out of my comfort zone. I’ve filmed my own movies, I’ve competed in worldwide competitions just to name a few past events. But I learned last year I’m still capable of doing more than I think I can. We all are. We all sell ourselves short much of the time. I don’t know why. We just do. We’re all really good at putting a ceiling over our heads and claiming that’s the spot we stop at.

Somewhere in the craziness of 2016 I came up with an exile idea. Around August, when in combination of driving all over Florida for classes, and doing my EMT practicals, ride alongs and studying for my advanced firefighter Cert. for Florida and Georgia, I found myself thinking about the upcoming year, 2017. Seemingly so far away at that moment, 2017 was going to be a chill year. A year where I spaced out and did nothing. This sounded fantastic. It was a perfect follow up to the hectic, whirlwind 2016 was. I named it 2017: The Year of Less.

Although the “Year of Less” was going to be about the obvious: less. The more I considered the idea, the more the word “less” wasn’t hitting the mark. I thought a lot about what I wanted to spend my time on in 2017. What was important to me.

First, family. Whether realized or not, family takes a huge hit when your pursuing something. Be art, working overtime or taking a bunch of classes, etc. Family time is the first to go. In many ways its our most expendable time. Which is sad. So I figured in 2017, I was going to spend much more personal time with my family.

Not just all of them at once though. I want to spend time with each individually. This may sound silly, But I just want to let them talk. Me, listen. Try and identify what I missed last year in their growth and thoughts.

Going to the movies has always been a very personal, extremely special thing for me. In 2016, this kind of fell by the wayside. I would like turn up the dial a bit on the movie going experiences. Maybe not once a week like when I was a little guy. But certainly more often then 2016.

Movies have a way of enforcing reflection. I missed that in 2016. I’m hoping a return to normalcy in the film category will help me learn new things about myself and others. Help me identify emotions better and learn new subjects, people and stories.

I also would like more thinking time. Being busy 24/7 really makes you long for quiet time. Really, it makes you appreciate your personal time more. I love walks and bonfires. They have always been a form escapism for me. More so, I love what they produce. They evoke a calming atmosphere, where I am allowed to unplug this world.

As I’ve gotten older, realizing the value of thinking has really hit me. I turned into someone who loves to think. Think about upcoming events, possible outcomes of things and my stance and opinion on everything. Thinking on things allows me to identify myself in a authentic, non-influenced way. This has helped me learn more about me in a honest fashion.

Those are just 3 topics I could think of that fit into a nice, neat box. But there are many more no doubt. Many tiny spread out fragments floating that I need to connect together to make sense out of.  All in all, I would just like 2017 to be a year of personal growth and improvement.

The “Year of Less” in many ways will be more. More of the aspects of life I would like to focus on. More intention to grow as a person, Father and Husband. More ways to execute balancing in a productive manner. More ways to self discover without outside influences.

If 2016 was overflowed with “career” goals, 2017 will be filled with “personal and internal” goals. I like those goals, no one can judge them or fail me.


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