Arrival (2016)

I’m not going to waste anyone’s time. Arrival is one of the best movies i’ve ever seen. I was getting increasingly nervous I was going to miss the film’s theatrical run so I spontaneously drove to a 10:15 showing tonight to ensure a viewing. It was like a perfect painting. The theater was empty. Just me and the screen.

I need to tread carefully here.. Usually I have a strict rule of no posting impressions the night of watching a film. Ordinarily, I like to take some time and digest. Not tonight. Not Arrival.

Minutes into Arrival you could feel something special. You could feel depth, you could feel heart. But most important, you could just…. feel. I feel so many things right now I’m having a hard time pulling this together.

I am at a loss for words on how good Arrival actually is. So ill do something else I usually don’t do. Ill post my spoken words after the movie. Driving home I took my phone, launched the voice memos app and said the following words:

“People continue to have children knowing full well that child will feel or experience pain. To me, thats why Arrival is so beautiful and simultaneously heartbreaking. It asks the question; Is life worth living if you know the pain, shortcomings and tragedies accompanying it? It then then answers that question with an resounding yes. You see, we all make this decision. Why? Because experiencing love and joy is greater then any sadness life can deliver.”

(I understand if you haven’t seen the film that won’t make much sense. But please go watch it)

Personally, I would take painful living over painful nothingness 10 times out of times. This movie left me an emotional wreck. When I got home I hugged my sons tighter than I ever have before. Not because I missed them, because Arrival points out the most important thing we have on Earth is time. Time to make the best of situations with our loved ones. At the end of the day time can be a prison or liberating. Arrival displays time as a liberator. I felt the need to ask myself, how do I look at time?

This is the power of great Cinema, using the art form not just to entertain, but to cause a person to reflect on their own existence and give them an experience the audience will hold with them. Maybe forever.

Its better to have love and lost then loved not at all. Thats Arrival in a nutshell. Please go this movie.


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