iPad Adventures Part 1

This feels familiar. Unnervingly familiar. I am checking the tracking status on a particular order I just purchased. What could this be? A new iPhone? A new book? A new movie? Any of those would be fine I suppose. What wouldn’t be fine? A new iPad…

Let me give you clue, it rhymes with iFad. Yup thats it. In the mail somewhere in Indiana is an iPad Pro 9.7 inch with my name on it. I know what your thinking at this point. Why. Why. Why. I have a few answers and not surprisingly, many questions myself.

Many of you are very familiar with my history with Mr. iPad. We have had a interesting relationship to say the least. From iPad 2 all the way up to this shiny new guy. My past is marred with battle scars of trying to fit the iPad into my life. Truth be told, it never quite has.

So why now? Why again? I have 2 ( I think) very good answers. Numeral uno: PRICE. I can hear your eyes rolling but give me a chance to explain myself here. So black friday, ya. That happened. I happened to find a very expensive iPad Pro model for a fraction of its normal price. So that alone was hard to pass up.

But the real reason. Ah yes. The real reason. Simple put, Apple. Yes, Apple. You see I’ve been watching diligently as Apple sways in and out of keynotes making grandiose statements for certain products and utterly avoids others. You see one thing you have to know about me (if you haven’t already) is I’m a Mac guy. I always have been. I edited my first short film on a Macintosh. I wrote all my screenplays on a Mac. The Mac is near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Apple anymore.

Of course Apple doesn’t want anyone to think they are abandoning Macintosh. That would be foolish. Unavoidably, their actions hint at such motives though. So to make a long drawn out story not too long, ill just say this: I see the writing on the wall. iPad is Apple’s future. And its hard to completely blame them for it.

So back to me… I had to make a decision. I had to decide if I was going to keep fighting the good fight and continue on in my Mac ways, or try something different. I don’t want to miss something if Apple has big plans for the iPad next year. More accurately, I want to be prepared. As it stands now. All of my heavy work gets done on my MacBook Pro. I love this machine. But I’ve also had this laptop for 4 years now.

I think its also important to not just be doing something because A.) your comfy with it and B.) its what you’ve always done. I would never subscribe to that in life. At least I try hard not to. So I have no clue why I do such things in my tech products.

Many of you will ask the specifics. What model, what accessories. My plan is to try and document what Im doing, how I’m doing it and with what I’m doing it with. So all the details will be on here shortly.

Its funny, I already sense that familiar feeling. And the voices, of Dear heaven; the voices: “Too many products, not enough focus. Waste of money. Waste of space. Not efficient.” All voices running through my head right now. All old voices mind you. I need to try and beat those. Or at least figure why they are so loud.

Who knows if this experiment will work. Im ready to give it another go though. I will try and document my experiences with new iPad and report back. Maybe I bring it back. Maybe history repeats itself. Or maybe it finds a nice spot in my life… Who knows? Will find out soon.



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