Liam School Decision

Liam’s teacher asked me today if he would be attending the school next year. Im sure this was because “early enrollment” for next year is ending soon and we haven’t joined in. I told her, “yes.” But truthfully, Lindsey and I have been thinking hard about what is best for him and his future.  Chances are, we are most likely going to keep him in his current school, but we want to make the right decision, for him, at the right time.

I came to the realization that a decision needs to be made sooner, rather than later. I was telling my mom (who was down visiting last week) that it makes total sense to switch him over to a different school earlier, rather than later. I just would hate taking him away from his friends.

Also, it really tears me apart inside to think of him in an uncomfortable situation. Being somewhere he is not familiar with, around people he doesn’t know. I guess thats the parent in me, but imagining him in any harm or discomfort whatsoever makes me extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

Maybe thats a parenting “turns out” moment. You could protect your kids as much as you want, but life catches up eventually and teaches lessons. Come to think of it, anything in life I ever felt a “gain” from afterwords had adversity written all over it. But, the pain of seeing any one of my kids feel the slight bit of hardship really hits me deep.

Guess I need to work on that. For their sake as well as mine.


4 thoughts on “Liam School Decision

  1. Totally acceptable for you to feel the way you do. Just part of being a father. Trust, Liam will adapt and be in the best situation – based on your smart and thoughtful decisions you make for him.

  2. A tough decision indeed. I think you should choose when you are thoroughly convinced that is the correct choice , not by having to meet a deadline.
    Also, maybe asking Liam what his feelings are in this situation,may be eye opening. Knowing full well that it is ultimately Lindseys and your decision, I think you can learn a lot from hearing what he may have to say.


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