Dinner Dates & Castle

The older I get the more intrigued I am of good conversation and good company. I remember being young, fancied with whimsical, loud toys and such items. Now I enjoy just letting people talk, listening to them and learning about each other.

Dinner dates are a perfect venue for such. If there are no kids involved, usually attendees will let their hair down and just be them. I like that. It’s a simple, clean idea that we seem to lose in this busy, rushed world. Talk and connect.

Recently Lindsey and I were out on a dinner date with our close friends, Cristen and Jeremy. They are at a amazingly unique time in their life. Why you ask? Nothing major, just gonna have a baby tomorrow.

Game changing, life altering, however you would like to put it – tomorrow is a huge day for them. Seasoned parents at this point, it was clear during our dinner date they are as ready and calm as any soon to be parent could be.

Truth is, maybe dinner dates are ending for us for a while with their new addition arriving. They are a couple clearly blessed beyond measure and deserve whatever gifts God bestows upon them.

2 of the most unselfish, genuinely nice people in the world. Congrats Cristen and Jeremy! Although our dinner dates will suffer for while, I take comfort in knowing your sleep will suffer just a tiny bit more.

I kid , I kid…..

Love you guys and can’t wait to meet little Castle!



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