“Enjoy the Journey”

If you work so hard to achieve something, is the journey whats worthwhile or the accomplishment? I’ve always heard that phrase before, “Enjoy the journey.” It’s an odd little phrase because basically, no one enjoys the journey. How could you? You’re so dead set on a specific goal that while in process, the journey fades.

Why are we so quick to make sense of things? Why must humans always seek an answer? Or understanding of a situation? Is that the goal achieved not enough that we must make sense of the road that led us there? What “enjoying the journey” really means is you miss the hardships and push. The struggle, the blood, sweat and tears.

Today I was lucky enough to accomplish something that took a lot of sacrifice. A chunk of family time, my own energy and attention on one specific goal that had a trail of steps attached to it. As I look back at what it took to achieve such, I don’t miss the journey at all.

Sure, my travels took me to very interesting places and I met great people that I may never see again. And I am thankful for that. But, I would take all that back just to spend that time with my kids and wife.

I’m not saying this goal wasn’t worthwhile. Any goal is, if it means lots to you. But the goal was much more worthy of my time and energy then the journey.

“Enjoy The Journey” is a phrase I never quite understood. Now that I have journeyed, and reached a destination, I’m glad I have the ability to remember the journey, because I certainly won’t be embarking on another anytime soon.

I feel tired, worn out and exhausted; all from the journey.



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