Fire in the Sky

There has been an ominous feeling in the air the past few days. If you haven’t been up on weather news in southeast America, the West Mims wildland fire is still roaring about. As of this minute, the blaze has scorched 49,000 acres. Mostly contained in the Okefonokee Swamp, we here in Kingsland, GA have had eerie like conditions the past 48 hours.

Hazy smoke in the air, the smell of a fresh structure fire and small ashes gracefully dropping down to the ground. I must say growing up and living 27 years of my life in Connecticut, I am more than used to bad weather and atmosphere. Of course, that would all fall in the category of snow. But down here, is a whole other ballgame. Hurricanes, Wildland fires, a couple tornado warnings since we’ve moved. South Georgia has proven thus far to be a super hazardous area for weather.

But I like feeling the calm before the storm. I look for opportunities to be out experiencing it. For whatever reason, I feel a closeness with the energy it gives off. So around 8 tonight, I took one look out the window and got that cozy, windy weather feeling. I grabbed Little Luca, strapped him in his stroller and there we were, out on a walk under the pinkish, smokey sky. It was quite memorable to say the least. Just quiet in the air, no talking. He was very calm and enjoying the subtle breeze, as was I.

I’m unsure what the status is w/ the West Mims fire, but I hope they are starting to get a leg up on things. Looking at the map, the head of the fire is not moving towards our home at all. So, I’m thankful for that. It is intact heading towards where I work. The guys have been saying “no way it reaches us.” So I take them at their word and experience. As for the residents affected, I hope they heed the fire officials directions. Most don’t believe it or not.

I am also keeping all those Wildland firefighters in my prayers. They don’t get enough attention for the risks they take. Just Youtube Fire Tornado, that’ll help you understand what these guys are dealing with.



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