Beach Getaway

Lindsey has had awful toothaches recently, resulting in a root canal performed today. The last few nights have been literally unbearable for her. Its been tough to watcher suffer, especially when I can’t help. Thankfully she is feeling much better now. Any ways, she was home from work for about half the day because of her procedure. So around 4 pm I told Liam to go get some shorts on and informed him we were off to a secret location.

Ever since we watched ‘Moana’ the other day, I’ve had the beach on my mind. Luca is still a little too small to bring with, but since Linds was home it was a perfect opportunity to spend some much needed time with Liam.

Beach Getaway! On the way down Liam suggested some Moana music. It was pretty fantastic driving windows down with Moana music at loud volumes. I mean he enjoyed it… I was just along for the ride.

We drove our car on the beach ( I don’t have a permit but was told by a former NY’er now Amelia Island resident, “they never check, don’t worry about it.”) Good enough for me. Liam got a kick out of it. He kept wanting me to drive in the water.

From having a catch with a tennis ball to tracing our names in the sand, playing baseball and going for a long walk, it was a great time. Six year olds need to just run around and act crazy, it was really nice to let Liam let loose and enjoy himself.

It hit me driving back that who knows what memories Liam will retain as he gets older. I mean really, there’s no way of knowing. For Myself, you would think the “big” moments would be stickier than others, and some are. But the little getaways, conversations and life lessons from my mom and dad have stuck with me more than anything.

I hope he had a great time today, but I pray even more; Lindsey and I could give him something money can’t buy. Maybe, like a special memory or 2. He’s a very special little guy, I hope we’re half as special as parents.


Liam and his tennis ball enjoying the beach today


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