Political Differences

We live in a time of division and strife. It’s not hard to see how divided as a nation we are. Some say it’s the most divided we have ever been. I don’t know, I can’t speak to that. I do know its pretty bad, though. The foundation of that thick division is political difference. The United States of America is by definition a country of differences, we all come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, dissimilar upbringings. But we work it out as a nation. Because unlike any other country in the world, we have a working democracy that our forefathers were wise enough to instill.

Tonight Lindsey and I had a “discussion” about some of our political differences. There no reason to beat around the bush; we have many. Like, many. But for the most part we talked about it like humans and at the very least, we could understand where the other was coming from, I think. How we feel and why we felt that way.

Admittedly and admiringly, Lindsey is much smarter than me. Anyone who knows us knows that. I tend to express my stance through gut feelings. She is much more a fact driven, standards-minding person. I could respect that. I’ve always admired her patriotism. In many ways, I wish this was instilled in me also. I bring this up because no matter our political differences, we still manage to attempt to understand and respect one another.

It brings me great pain to conclude our country doesn’t regard either of those traits. We have zero tolerance for others and we want them to understand us. We have zero respect for someone who believes differently than ourselves, but we don’t try to understand, we lash out.

Yes, indeed. It’s a sad state our country is in. But late at night when its quiet and I’m thinking about these kind of things, I like to believe our country is made up of people like Lindsey and I. People we respect each other regardless of opinions politically charged or otherwise. I think Lindsey and I work because, we love each other as humans first, not policy first. We love and admire each other because of our characteristics as humans.

If our country is to get any better with understanding each other, we first have to look at others as humans and admire their characteristics. Humans aren’t walking political policies, we shouldn’t treat them as such. In the wise words of Rand Paul: “I would never vote for a bill without reading it.” I charge you, should you really judge a person without getting to know them?

I’m glad Lindsey didn’t.


2 thoughts on “Political Differences

  1. And also in the wise words of Bro. Edward: “If you know you don’t agree on it, don’t talk about it!” This may be the safest route for our marriage!😉

    I still love you! Bunches and bunches!❤


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